Virtual Campus

What will you find at Universidad Virtual de Cuenca virtual campus?

The virtual campus is the online workspace that provides you with all resources, future research endeavors, and facilitates communication between your teachers and your classmates.

This is what you will encounter in our virtual classrooms:

1. Virtual Classrooms

Each course has a classroom, from which you can:

Listen and Attend live your online lectures: The closest thing, and better than “brick and mortar” classroom instruction.

All your virtual classrooms and classes allow you to actually, see your professor as he or she interacts with you and your classmates in real time.

We use Adobe Connect technologies, that are easy to implement and install in your PC and or Laptops.

You will be able to Participate in lectures specifically and you will be able to answer questions live.

When you are on line and live, at specific moments, our sessions are designed to allow you to ask questions about the course material using the chat. It is just like any other university classroom session.

Teachers are in control of the class, and students access the instructor at appropriate times.

You will also be able to access and watch pre-recorded classes: All classes are stored on our platform so that you can watch them whenever and as often as you like.

Watch additional material to complement your classes: You will be provided and asked to research material linked to your course. Each course provides extra lectures on different topics of interest to supplement your training. All or our Associates, Bachelor’s, Master and Doctoral classes are taught by professors and instructors with expert knowledge in their field.

At our virtual classrooms, you will also have access to:

  • A wide variety and range of pedagogical resources that prepare you for your coursework, in an organized sequence from the key ideas to supplementary materials recommended to develop in-depth knowledge and help you achieve your individual goals.
  • Management of your course activities: Once your grades are posted, you will have access to consultation of grades obtained, and our portal provides you with continuous assessment of each students’ performance.