Guiding Values

Our Guiding Values

  • A clear emphasis on research, true science and un-compromised scriptural values
  • Trustworthy content that is scientifically and biblically-truthful
  • A civil tone and scriptural firmness that communicates with conviction that we know what we teach
  • Journalistic excellence and professional integrity
  • Creative teachings and a humble discontent with the existing-inaccurate status quo and false evolutionary teachings
  • Pegadogic development, education, and persistence on research
  • Financial health and strength through humble donation, estate and asset acceptance of charity to our institution
  • Focused, strategically-planned growth with a view to teaching the world the Truth of Science and the Bible
  • Fully in agreement with Biblical teachings regarding ALL subjects
  • God’s principles and Word are pre-eminent in all things


Our students and our staff and all associates have a caring spirit and sincere compassion which kindly combines with professionalism in order to server each other and the communities we serve


We, as students and staff understand that our institution is built and depends on TRUST of each other and the unshaken belief that defending the Word of God in its entirety, without white washing its contents nor taking any un-authorized exceptions or rationalizations, is the foremost duty of each one of us

Leaders Are Our Core Students

We are looking for Intellectually curious and devoted students, leaders, who will influence with Godliness the Christian based church, its world wide community, and the broader culture throughout the entire Earth in order to turn the tide of “truth” that is not being taught in today’s universities, nor the cultural and educational environment

Leading Is Our Core Calling


We will study, instruct, and work together incessantly to support each other, the spirit of the Institution, our present and future students and communities with the ultimate goal of glorifying God’s Word and His righteousness

Strategically informing and influencing the faithful as it engages the entire cultures of the World in God’s name.


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